Tampa, Florida

The Versaterm Re: Invent Users Workshop provides our customers with three days of informative updates on Versaterm’s software solutions, including tips and best practices that will benefit all public safety users.


Here’s a preview of the topics you can expect to see on our agenda. 

Informative Fundamentals

- Latest features in Versaterm Products

- Updates on Hot Topics in Public Safety 

- Advancements in Versaterm vCloud solution

- Advancements with Data Analytics using Tableau

- Advancements in Versaterm's mobility offerings

- Updates on data collection requirements

Tips and Best Practices
- Effective and Innovative Training 
- Workshops for RMS users (Detectives, Records, Property, 
  Crime Analysis, Administrators)
- Workshops for CAD users
- Workshops for Patrol Officers, Fire Fighters and Supervisors